Food Feature: Peppadew® Peppers

Peppadew® Peppers, sometimes called piquante peppers, are unique peppers from South Africa. They are about the size of a cherry tomato and bright red. Peppadew® is the specific brand name for the pepper.

Introduced in the early 90s, Peppadew® Peppers are usually processed to have their seeds removed, then picked and bottled for distribution. The flavor is described as primarily sweet with a mild heat.

Peppadew® Peppers are main ingredients in our NEW Peppadew® & Lager Cheese Dip and Peppadew® Cocktail Sauce. Click on any of the images to visit our site and learn more about the products!


Peppadew n Lager Cheese Dip


About Robert Rothschild Farm

Quality foods really do look, feel, and taste different. At Robert Rothschild Farm, we’ve spent over 30 years studying, refining, and perfecting the way we make our fresh, insanely flavorful, truly exceptional products. Each one is made from scratch and guaranteed to make even the everyday taste like gourmet.
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